I hate shirtless white boys who think they’re doing humanity a favor if they call a girl beautiful go get high off your axe deodorant spray

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How to play sims
1. take 2 hours making character
2. Motherlode
3. Fuck every single person

"'You look nice, where are you going?' Is probably one of the most annoying questions in the world. Why do we have to have a reason to dress up, or be glamorous? I hate it when people ask me why. I mean… Why not?"

Dita Von Teese

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Camille 21-15-9 over head squat (115/75) Toes to bar. "That really hurt" on Event 7 of the CrossFit Team Series. Photo by @ianwittenber



It’s fun to chant “Bloody Mary” into your car’s side mirror three times and watch her jog and try to keep up.

Being a dick even to demons